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Susan Boyle beams her song to America

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CBS snags the suddenly famous Susan Boyle this morning and has her sing awkwardly via satellite from her home in the village ...

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C'mon, where's Pebbles!

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Don't be ridiculous - this Susan Boyle thing was a setup - think about it - what did the British TV program gain - BUCK, BIG BUCK... that's what comes from getting all Britian and much of the rest of the world to talk about and watch their show.

Something like the Susan Boyle performance doesn't just happen - it was planned, practiced and executed almost perfectly. Including the way they dumbed her down, dressed her, had her act like and idiot.

The real idiots are all the people around the world who actually believed that this was all spontaneous, believed that it just happened, that no one planned this down to the smallest detail.

Can't you see it - the way she looked.... like a frumpy, dumpy peasant woman. Oh yes.... she's a virgin and somehow that slipped out during the show---- the way she started walking off the stage instead of waiting for the comments and voting---- the way she looked composed on the stage and then, offstage, she was so nervous that she almost fainted and couldn't remember what happened on the stage.

This is like the 64,000 question all over again - THE AUDIENCE IS BEING MANIPULATED ----- that's OK, nothing wrong with that after all it is ENTERTAINMENT. But what's absurd is that most people around the world think it's real.

Get a life people, open your eyes, you are like sheep, being led around like mindless idiots.

Sensationally disarming voice! The voice of an angel - her goodness came through.

Here are my thoughts on why she is popular. This is especially for the cynics out there who aren't getting it:
I think Ms. Boyle's appeal goes way beyond some pat morality sound bite; where we should have known the gift in the plain wrapper is better than the one with the fancy ribbons. I think people are moved by the authenticity of their own experience. Her sincerity stripped them of their defenses. It was a heart lesson where we remembered that all the phony things we strive for, looks, money, fame can never eclipse purity. If art is truth, this is what truth is, seeing from a place beyond all pretenses.

I think it is especially salient at this moment, when we are on the verge of ruin because so many pursued false paths. We put too much faith in the experts and too little in ourselves. We let other people define what success and happiness is for us. We need to be reminded that there is a force stronger than our collective delusions, and that force can help us prevail if we go back to who we really are.

Perhaps some can't see it because they are too immersed in phony sophistication, the way some adults can't see what dogs and kids know. But if even cynic Simon Cowell can see it and you can't, myself I would be worried.

Looks lke Mrs. Doubtfire, but has a voice like the angels!

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