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Sudeikis explains his 'broad interpretation' of Blagojevich

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As a longtime Chicagoan, Jason Sudeikis was a natural to play Rod Blagojevich on "Saturday Night Live," but it took some testicular virility to decide to handle the role the way he has.

Instead of replicating the high-pitched lilt of the Northwest Side ex-gov, Sudeikis gives his Blago the voice of a thickly accented Cicero thug. The portrayal has puzzled some Chicagoans, who perhaps hoped their hometown wacko would get the more dead-on, Tina-Fey-as-Sarah-Palin treatment.

But Sudeikis, asked about the part during his Wednesday visit to iO in Chicago, said his admittedly "broad interpretation" has its place on a show with a range of different comic styles.

"If you've never heard him talk," Sudeikis said, "I feel like that's what you'd think he would talk like."

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