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Steve-O sent packing from 'Dancing with the Stars'

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It came down to three couples tonight: Julianne and Chuck, Ty and Chelsie and Steve-O and Lacey. And again, "Dancing with the Stars" changed the results show rules by not holding a dance-off. Maybe it's just every other week? Or not? But I digress.

And then there were two: Ty Murray and Steve-O and their respective partners. If I ruled the world, Steve-O would have been sent packing. Hey! I rule the world!! Steve-O was finally shown the door. Not that it wasn't a blast watching him not dance week after week.
Ty will be outta there soon, too, but I'd like to see him dance one more time (and check out the costume he designed for his partner, next week). By the way, was it just me, or was Chelsie just a bit peeved with Ty after their weak performance Monday night? Backstage video did not paint her in a very good light.

Thank goodness Lil' Kim's costume didn't "malfunction" tonight in her encore jive with Derek.

The competition is going to get fierce in the coming weeks as the remaining couples are truly very very good dancers. I'm looking forward to the group dance on Monday and the costumes--- designed for the very first time by the celebs working with the show's phenomenal costume department. Sequins rule!

I'm making my mid-season prediction: It's gonna come down to Gilles and Lil' Kim in the finals. And you know who I'll be rooting for!!

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Don't forget Melissa! She had a bad week as the dance I think wasn't her style she kills on the slow stuff, which might not be enough to get her all the way through to the finals. We will see. She has god given talent. Lil Kim has Derek going for her and his fantastic Choreography. Giles is totally the front runner. I am still going to say that Len needs to go with his fuddy-duddy old-school style of judging he is jipping people out of perfect 30 scores. I'm sorry but every season he gets worse. Just my opinion. Dancers are not receiving
the true scores they deserve. There are truly 5 couples that could win this thing when you really think about it. Its going to get hard voting people off as the favorites are going to be left soon after Lawrence and Ty go. What a season! What talent! Who will win? I'm not going to miss a minute of it!

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