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"Pushing Daisies" resurrected (sort of).

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It's a case of live imitating art, we guess.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the critically-acclaimed, cult favorite "Pushing Daisies" just might be returning to ABC's Primetime line up as early as May 30.

The show, which stars Lee Pace as a pie maker blessed/cursed with the ability to bring anyone and anything back to life for one minute, will burn off the remaining unaired episodes Saturdays at 9 p.m.

The show's creator and executive producer, Bryan Fuller, has already moved on. He's resumed writiing duties on another troubled show, NBC's "Heroes." Cast and crew did go back for some reshoots to wrap the series up, though.

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Who do I need to call to bring back this show!!! We really should get a petition going, this is THE BEST SHOW on TV!

If you can't bring back this show full time, it would be nice to answer all these questions we were left with... back in DECEMBER!


PLEASE bring this show back full-time.

It was amazing. Like nothing else on TV and a pleasure to watch.

There is nothing so visually stunning or so smoothly written out there.

'Daisies' was one of our favorites. Seems most of the shows that make one think die early deaths. Down with the reality shows; up with the unreality shows.

I wish network TV would start getting smarter about shows like this.

This would be a great holiday show, what do I mean by that. Each year, from Late October to November some time, most shows go into repeats/hiatus until mid January. During the holidays, networks put on specials, movies, etc.

Well if they put out 4-6 episodes of Pushing Daises during this time, I think they could make money. Put it up against specials, they could get some solid ratings, especially as it is family oriented.

Family time is holiday time.

It would let the writers come up with some really good stuff and give the viewers their fix.

every great show that is coming out they are canceling. I just don't get it. I love this show.

yay! i am so happy that the show is going ot be comming on again

I love this show!!!!!!!!I miss it and would love to see it return. It's better than some of the junk on tv.

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