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Melissa Rycroft survives 'Ballroom' elimination

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I had three words for tonight's results show: What a crock!

Excuse me, but if Melissa Rycroft has a fractured rib, does she really think she can continue to dance, especially VERY physical dances such as the jive or the Lindy Hop or the cha cha? Well, I guess we'll all see next week, as viewers' votes sent Chuck Wicks packing and kept Melissa around to dance another day. There were noticeable boos in the ballroom and with good reason. It's terrible that the dancers are injured, but if her fracture is as bad as she kept saying it was, does she really expect to out-dance Lil Kim? Gilles Marini?

Not that I've been a huge Chuck Wicks fan this season, but he had really improved the past few weeks. And honestly, if Melissa re-injures herself during this week's rehearsal and has to go home, then Chuck was sent packing for no reason. I wish injured dancers, I mean dancers with injuries that could severely impact their performances, would just pack up their dancing shoes and leave with grace.

At the other end of the emotional spectrum, I was over the moon when Ty Murray got the green light to continue on in the competition next week!!! Take THAT Len Goodman! The fiesty cowboy will not win this season's competition, but he has beaten the odds like nobody's business. And I want to see if he can achieve a darker spray-on tan than Edyta, so he HAS to hang on for another week.

In the "new pro" competition, here's hoping that statuesque Mayo is the winner when all is said and done. He is a breath of fresh air in terms of the male professional dancers we've come to know and love. He just has a different style, stature (he's a tall one, for sure) and moves like no other guy I've seen in all the seasons of "Dancing."

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