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Is straight hair partly to blame for obesity among African-American women?

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Fox Chicago news anchor Robin Robinson had an interesting report Wednesday night on Fox News at 9 regarding the fact that many African-American women do not exercise regularly ----- because of their hair. More to the point, the fact that their chemically-straightened hair doesn't allow them the convenience of a workout/shower/go to work process that the rest of us take for granted.

This is a fascinating an eye-opening report, (especially about health issues, and not just the issues about all the dangers of chemical relaxers). The video is here for your convenience, and it really gives us a LOT to think about. Robinson herself is sporting a "natural" curl to her otherwise "anchorwoman 'do".... see what you think. Apparently there is a study that supports Robinson's claims. What do you think ladies? Let us know.

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I think both styles look great. I definitely would not say that one is more professional than the other.

Eileen, I'm guessing you've never met anyone with naturally curly or kinky hair. In that case, I feel sorry for you. I hope prejudice and ignorance keep you warm at night.

Miriam, I blogged about the topic here

and my readers were pretty vocal in their opinion. Robin needs to embrace and be proud of her natural hair. Sure, there are idiots like Eileen here... but thankfully they're increasingly in the minority. Embracing your natural roots isn't just freeing when it comes to hitting the gym.

Your hairdo looks like the Chia pet hair do that Obama is modeling.
I am still laughing! What a hoot!

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