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Ho-hum Monday on 'Dancing with the Stars'

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It was a night of not too many surprises or "wow" moments on "Dancing with the Stars."
Seriously. Even Gilles Marini, who has been positively electrifying the past few weeks turned in a jive that was more rock n roll than jive, to the point that, well, I had to agree with Len Goodman: It was just too frantic. Score: 26

The best moments of the night came courtesy of Shawn Johnson's "pure" yet sizzling rhumba and Lil Kim's fun, fast and wild jive. Neither dance was strictly indicative of its respective dance form, but at least they were both passionate and stylized. Score 28 for Lil Kim and 26 for Shawn.

Gotta say, Melissa's rhumba was a bore. It was nothing to scream about, no matter that the judges gave her a ridiculously high score of 27. It was clean and precise, but there was not much fire. Sorry,it just didn't wow me.

Lawrence's jive was equally unimpressive. It was his best dance so far, but still not on par with the rest of the pack. He was having fun, but it wasn't jivin'. Score:22

Julianne and Chuck's rhumba was smooth, slow and sexy, but there were too many technical mistakes to make it exciting. Julianne's costume sizzled more than any of Chuck's footwork. Score: 23.

Which brings us to the guy who's gotta go, and the guy who hopefully will be back to dance another week.

Enough already of Steve-O. The guy can't dance. He established that on week one of the competition. And I still don't know what judge Carrie Ann Inaba was looking at while Steve-O and partner Lacey danced, but it sure wasn't a rhumba. He was standing and pointing and pointing and standing while Lacey slithered all around him. She was fantastic. He was not. Score: 16. Here's hoping the dance-off sends him packing.

And then there's Ty, and you know how much I've been pulling for Ty! His jive was the perfect Texas line dance! What was his partner Chelsie thinking? It was "Urban Cowboy" instead of "Boogie Woogie." I hope Ty sticks around for another week. But the elimination round on Tuesday is gonna a tough one for him to survive. Score:18.

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Maybe I’m living in the Stone Age, but it seems to be trendy and cool to sexualize little girls in U.S. pop culture.

I was appalled by Shawn’s parents allowing her to performed such a sensual, sexually charged dance with a grown, experienced man!

You notice how Shawn Johnson's partner, Mark Ballas, made a deliberate effort to characterize the dance as "age appropriate," and the host repeated it (under a different context, however). If you have to verbalize that something is age appropriate, usually it's not or kinda sketchy!

It would be unfair to get upset at Shawn Johnson for performing the dance. What little high school girl and Olympic household name wouldn’t want to continue to build her brand and gain more publicity by performing with a hot dancer.

But that’s where the parents should step in and establish boundaries. Last night’s Rhumba was over the top, and inappropriate for that little girl.

She missed her prom for crying out loud! What a message to send!

The question is: Where is her father?! No way I'm letting my 17-year-old perform such an inappropriate dance with a 23-year-old man. I don’t care if he’s a professional dancer. It’s creepy and indicative of where our culture is headed.

And what was even more puzzling was the audience applause, signaling their approval of the dance.

So, it’s OK to enable, broadcast on national TV and view a little 17-year-old girl gyrating and getting kissed by a grown man at the end of the dance?

It’s also fascinating how the writer of this blog and one of the judges tries to excuse the maturity of the dance, which is clearly out of Shawn’s league, by characterizing it - paradoxically of course - as “pure” or “innocent” sensuality.

There is no such thing!

What message are we sending to little girls by continuing to sexualize them by subjecting them to the eyes of adult men whom applaud and condone this sort of behavior? Especially when it's reported that Shawn Johnson missed her prom for it.

"Shawn Johnson's growing up right before our eyes" was the comment some announcer said. So, this is our new rite of passage?

What message are we sending to the men when we applaud and condone this?

But we’re so perplexed by the guys on “To Catch a Predator.”

I hope steve-o stays for another week

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