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Grier the latest celeb to exit 'Dancing with the Stars' ballroom

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I gotta admit, I didn't see this one coming. I had predicted that Lawrence Taylor would be outta there tonight, and even though LT made it to the dance-off, it was David Alan Grier he had to beat--- and he did. I'm still not sure if the dance-off is a good thing. I'm just not sure what difference it makes.

For example, it would only really make a difference if both dance-off contestants had the same amount of viewer votes. Right? I mean if one dancer is trailing by 100,000 votes going in to the dance-off, what difference do the judges' "new" votes make especially if the judges give the dancer the same vote from the previous night? Maybe I'm missing the point. But then math was never my strong suit.

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1 Comment

I thought for sure it was going to be Rosie Grier.

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