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'Dancing with the Stars' blows 'perfect' moment

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Somebody tell me just what the heck is going on with judge Len Goodman? Honestly, he deemed Gilles Marini's and Cheryl Burke's paso doble as being "too hectic." Excuse me?
That was one of the most gorgeous, fiery, fierce and PERFECT pasos in the history of "Dancing with the Stars" and BOO ON LEN for giving it a crummy "9" and thus ruining what should have been another perfect "30" for Marini and Burke. (Kudos to Carrie Ann and Bruno for recognizing a "10" performance when they see one).

But it was a night of oddball scoring....

Moving on to the other end of things, poor Ty Murray (and you know how I have championed him these past four weeks). His paso looked just awful; stiff and full of heavy-footed stomping that just screamed a score of "15" and yet, the judgest gave him a 21. Just ridiculous scoring.

Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks were postively boring in their Viennese waltz, with sloppy footwork and not enough actual Viennese waltz in the mix. And yet, they earned a score of "23." Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas turned in a lovely Viennese waltz, that was elegant in its simplicity (to paraphrase the judges) and yet, they only managed at "26." Ouch! Moving on to David Alan Grier and Kym Johnson who proved ostrich-feather fans don't always make for a good dance. Their boring Viennese waltz nabbed a "22" (seemed more like an 18 to me, but go figure). Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani just looked tired and disconnected during their paso (25). And I gotta hand it to Steve-O and Lacey Schwimmer who turned in an adorable Parisian-inspired Viennese waltz that gave them a lofty (for them) 18. Lil Kim's Viennese waltz (26) was nice but I didn't think it was better than Melissa's paso. Yes it was "floaty" as Len said, but there could have been a lot more Viennese waltz "holds" in that routine.

On to Tuesday for the (humiliating) dance-off between Steve-O and Lawrence.
Prediction: The NFL superstar is headed for the locker room.

And note to Edyta Sliwinska: Your spray-on tan was just out of control tonight. That two-toned motif you had going on was just cartoonish.

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Kudos to you for noticing that dance deserved a 30. You are right on again and I take back what I said the first week about your critique. I couldn't agree with you more about the inconsistent judging. Tim to get rid of Len Goldman. Time for him to retire and go back to his Fuddy-Duddy ways. The judging stinks this year. The crowd at the studio knows when they see a 30 dance now as they are experienced in watching and critiqueing all the dances and they were bitterly disappointed and should have booed Len off the stage for that gaff. Steve-O and Lawrence sounds about right but I think Steve-O is going home.

Marty G

Meanwhile, the show’s other frontrunner, former Bachelor babe Melissa Rycroft, faltered when a wardrobe malfunction caused her to lose her footing while performing the paso doble with partner Tony Dovolani. 

Pointing to the bottom of her red skirt, she said, “There’s a hole that my heel got caught in during one of the parts. Thankfully, I didn’t fall.” However, they got an uncharacteristically low score of 25.

Tony said, “I know she’s angry with herself right now.” 

And Melissa herself told OK!, “We got through it. It wasn’t with the flying colors I was hoping for.”

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