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Before Adam Lambert was an 'Idol' ...

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By Misha Davenport

"American Idol" frontrunner Adam Lambert has shown a flair for the dramatic in his performances on the show each week.

Judging from the clips available on YouTube, it's old hat for the song-and-dance man.

As mentioned during the auditions, Lambert understudied the role of Fiyero in the Los Angeles production of the hit musical "Wicked."

And sure enough, someone has posted a clip of him in it singing the song "Dancing Through Life":

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Here's another clip of him singing the duet "Now that You're Mine" with Teal Wicks as Elphaba:

And here's Lambert in the flop musical "Ten Commandments" singing "Is Anybody Listening?"

Given how many former contestants and winners end up on Broadway, Lambert's decision to audition for the show just might have been a very shrewd career move.

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I haven't seen an artist as talented as Adam since Freddy Mercury. Wow. And it's obvious he has honed his craft. I think Allison might have some of the same 'star' potential, but she's still raw.

I also loved the duet he did with Allison - I'm sure she'll get her own contract, but what a band that would be with the two of them in it. I can't wait to see what music they each record.

We have been watching Adam Lambert perform at the Upright Cabaret in LA for many years. He is part of a family of insanely talented artists who grace the stage all of the time. It is great that America understands the artistry that goes into every performance. If you love great talent you should check out all of the other videos on the Upright website as well as their YouTube page. Thank you IDOL for finding someone who is a true American artist.

I am completely devoted to Adam Lambert!!! HE IS FANTASTICALLY INCREDIBLY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

Adam is one of those lifetime talents. If you don't like him then stop looking for him and let the other 99.9 per cent enjoy this awesomed talent.

A lot of the big names have struggled to make it before their big break. A couple of my friends have juggled retail and auditions as well. Competition in Hollywood's fierce even for the most talented. Now that Adam's found the right platform, he's able to show the world his full potential and boy, does he give it his all. Is there nothing he can't master?

Anyone who thinks that this guy is not ultra talented beyond belief needs to reflect. I went to the H.S. of Performing Arts in NYC quite some time ago, and was told I was the best actress ever to be at that's been quite some time since, but, nevertheless..I did not pursue it...but, hey, acting is a craft that you can come back to at anytime...and I just may try...he is an inspiration...he can act, sing, and dance...

Seems to me people who put him down are downright mad that maybe they tried hard....didn't get far... he definetely paid his dues...and to judge him because he didn't become a star on what he has so far achieved...he is still so young...regardless of what your "taste" is in cannot deny that this guy is it...another thing that I truly love about him is that he seems so humble...never with the other idols, when as a group being interviewd, is he trying to put on an act and grab the spotlight...he is calm, laid back, and relaxed. And truly seems to respect the talent of the other idols. True professionalism! That shows amazing class and a belief in himself!..Everyone has a place and time...and I believe this is it for him...TRUE TALENT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF IN THE END.

I Love Adam on American Idol!! I cannot help but have to say he has the looks of a young Elvis...The King!!

I wholeheartedly agree that he has paid his dues. He did theatre but I also understand that in addition to performing at a night club that he worked in retail to make ends meet. Definitely doesn't sound like somebody who's made it, eh?

There are more videos of Adam performing at the Upright Cabaret, where he does very emotional performances of Come Home and I Can't Make you Love Me. His performance of What's Up should be his own anthem as it seems to describe his journey to this point. I can't wait to see what else he has up that sleeve of his.

Adam Lambert is in another league entirely. The rest are forgettable. He is going to be the biggest star from Idol ever and already is in my book.

Actually, Adam might not have needed 'Idol' to make it big on Broadway. According to, Adam was on the short list to play Spiderman in the new musical set to premiere on Broadway next year. When the producers inquired about him several months ago, he told them he was unavailable because he was already in the 'Idol' audition process. Based on previous interviews with him, I don't think musical theater is Adam's preferred career path, however, and that's why he did Idol.

Thanks so much for sharing these videos. Adam Lambert is an amazing talent. I am in awe of his voice with each performance. It's nice to see that he's not an overnight sensation but somebody who has obviously paid his dues in the music world.

Go Adam!

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