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Bad ratings for "Kings," NBC's retelling of Biblical David, begat cancellation

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NBC giveth, but the ratings taketh away.

The Hollywood Reporter says NBC is moving its much-hyped freshman drama "Kings" from Sundays at 7 p.m. to the much dreaded Saturday 7 p.m. time slot to burn off the remaining eight episodes of the show.

The show will be replaced by an additional hour of "Dateline" on Sundays.

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We just discovered this rivetting show just to find out it's about to end way too soon. It's the first thing worth watching since Northern exposure. I know they are totally different shows but still both are, or should I say, "were" good tv. Hopefully, like Northern exposure's summer premier, King's will be picked up again in the fall.

I am a Chaplain in the Army and have finally found a television show that is decent enough to watch. I have even reserved time to have it played for my soldiers in as close to a theater as we can get where we are assigned. The first night, for the pilot episode, I had only ten souls watching. For "Sabbath Queen" we had nearly two hundred people crammed into the 'chapel' tent. Soldiers were practically sitting in the isles and not a single voice whispered when the show was on.

If they actually are discontinuing the show, then it is a travesty. Very few television series have this kind of an appeal. If what I read is true, that the network is replacing it with an extra hour of ‘Dateline’, then this network is truly going to face its own crisis… and it is not too big to fail.

Kings is one of the best shows on TV now. NBS will show an amazing amount of short-sightedness if they cancel tis show. It has unbelievable potential. And here is thought about increasing ratings: put it back on Sunday night.

When Kings did not appear on Sunday evening I was greatly disappointed. I do not watch much TV but really liked Kings. I do not understand ratings and assignment of show slots but you had a clear winner in my book. Now there is nothing left to see on Sunday evenings!

I absolutely love Kings! I would be disappointed if the show did get canceled. Perhaps people do not watch it because they don't understand the biblical backgrounds and plots. Who knows, but I love it!

Loved HBO's Deadwood -HBO killed it and I left HBO. (as promised)

Kings - the one of 3 shows I watch on network tv. I can live without NBC and so can the rest of the US.

Best dramda on tv. if it is canceled, gives me one last reaon to stop waching tv.

Don't cancel Kings !! Great show, great cast, great story. Finally something new and exciting to watch.

We absolutely love Kings. Ian McShane is amazing. Please, give the show a chance. Maybe Sunday evenings were not the right time slot to obtain higher ratings?? Try a weekday evening... but please, don't cancel the show. We finally look fook forward to watching tv again. We were so disappointed tonight when it wasn't on.

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