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Will Wozniak return to 'Dancing with the Stars'?

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Rumors are swirling about that Apple co-founder and ballroom dancer extraordinaire (not) Steve Wozniak is suffering from a severe pulled hamstring and may have to withdraw from competing on "Dancing with the Stars." This is hot on the heels (pun intended) of the Woz's outburst last week claiming the voting was, uhm, fixed. He quickly apologized.

The curse of "DWTS" is alive and well. Which raises the question, do these folks warm up, stretch before stepping into the rehearsal halls? Also, will physical fitness become a requirement for future contestants? Ballroom dancing is a sport, and no matter how graceful a celeb appears on the red carpet, they are going to be working muscles they never knew they had once they sign up for "DWTS." Let's face it, there are precious few of us who could step into that grueling rehearsal schedule and not sustain an injury.

Will keep you posted.

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