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The "Woz" and Hef's Ex exit the 'Dancing with the Stars' ballroom

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Double elimination weilded its ugly sword tonight as Holly Madison and Steve "the Woz" Wosniak were voted off "Dancing with the Stars" in a very awkward double-elimination.

Awkward because as bad as their dancing was, it's hard to be the first couple voted off -- and then have to stand their until their "loser mates" are announced. Ugh. Has this show lost all its senses? Enough with the gimmicks! Just give us the voting results and send one couple home. The audience didn't know whether to cheer or sneer or boo or cry. What a way to end an episode. What a downer.

Here's to next week, when we're hopefully back on track with more dancing --- and a single-elimination results show.

Oh, and as for Steve-O, you're "DWTS" days are probably numbered, seeing as you were the third celeb in that "bottom three" tonight.

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