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Scott MacIntyre keeps the faith

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MacIntyre sings a soft falsetto for most of "Keep the Faith" (from the gloved one's album "Dangerous"). It's not his best performance, but it's an inspirational song by a visually impaired guy.

DioGuardi gets the song choice: "...that wasn't the most obvious Michael Jackson song. I'm not sure if everybody knew that song, but what I liked about you choosing it's your message. This hopefully message you deliver."

And, so it would seem, does Cowell: "It's find being artistic, just not on this show," he says, dismissing the song choice because it isn't well-known enough.

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This was quite possibly the very best selection that Scott could have picked for his voice, his expertise on the keyboard and his deep conviction to be shown as the beautiful package that it is. His smile is infectious and his super positive attitude will carry him to success ihn whatever he chooses to accomplish and obviously all of it will always be to credited to the teaching of his parents and his beliefs. If you have any doubt at all that he is a winner that American people can continue to be proud of listen to his original song, "No Fear." Rosemary Spivey from Knoxville, TN.

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