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Kris Allen hopes you remember the time (and vote for him)

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He plays the guitar on "Do You Remember the Time?"

If only he could remember the key. Parts of the song were painful. Oh, well. There's one contestant every season who sticks around for weeks based on looks alone.

"One things for sure, the girls love you," says Kara "cougar" DioGuardi. For the second time of the night, she's glad a contestant is playing an instrument.

Cowell chastises him for mentioning his wife in the "getting to know" segment.

Allison Iraheta got her start singing in a Latin supermercado. She sings "Give in to Me." She's this season's Amanda Overmyer: bluesy rock vocals and funky hair.

"It was a good performance. It's very clear you know what kind of artist you want to be," Cowell said.

"You're one to watch in this whole thing," Jackson said.

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