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Kanye on 'Idol' -- did he fake it? do you care?

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A day after his appearance on "American Idol," the Web is predictably buzzing with opinions about Kanye West's performance of his song "Heartless" on the show.

It may come as a shock to some of Kanye West's most fervent devotees, but his "American Idol" performance was taped last night before the show went live.

Chatter about West's off-key singing (despite his use of the auto-tune voice effect), and speculation about whether he resorted to lip-syncing in parts of his performance are among the topics of conversation surrounding the polarizing hip hop icon today.

Rolling Stone today asked a fair question about Kanye's performance -- "How can a show devoted to the art of singing welcome West's off-key Auto Tuned warbling?"

What did you think of Kanye's performance? He was accused of lip-syncing during a recent appearance on "Satuday Night Live," but do you think he faked it last night on "Idol"? And does it matter?

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Hey Patty L.
The only thing be worse then that no talent Kanye West's singing is his politics. He is one knucklehead!

I dont know whats happening with the entertainment industry these days who are recording artists that reallt have NO talent
(Miley Cyrus,Talor Swift,Katy Perry etc)the industries make them sound good but when they sing live they sound like TRASH! And peple are still dumb enough to buy their music! What is this world coming to!Plastics and fakes? Oh lord who art in heaven!

Why have someone with no singing talent on a show that promotes singing?? Sunglasses, jumping around holding himself talking into the mic - no talent just thug promotion.

I am very upset, it seems that the art of music and beautiful vocals has been lost in the entertainment business. There are no Whitney Houstons and Luther Vandrous out there anymore. I mean there are many people with the talent, but because the music world has become nothing but bodies hippidy and hoppidy flowing side to side selling sex. The real singers get pushed back where the WORLD can't hear them. Come on people why not let the vocals and music do its thing. Stop oppressing the beauty in the musical genre! Let go of the plastic, the fake and the lowsy singing, AKA Kanye, Miley and yes people BRITNEY! TOTALLY LOONEY!

Kanye My Dude!! And Dang to many ppl hate on him!! especially theses 2 scrubs under ME!! Stop Hatin' his Song #1!!

I amazes me that someone as talentless as Kanye West could be so popular and successful, but I don't think he was lip synching in that performance. If you were going to bother pre-recording something, you would probably try to make it sound good.

I don't think it matters... he auto-tunes anyway, it's not like he's using a beautiful voice that can only be replicated in the studio...

It seems like he was really doing it... I mean he tone was changing as he was bouncing around the stage.

And as far as the SNL thing, it sounded like he had a cold... lol. I thought he was sick, and that's why it sounded so terrible. But I could be wrong.

I saw the performance and honestly, it was rediculous. off key, there were parts where he was almost screaming, and ofcourse the fact that he used auto tune in a live performance. like you guys said, using (auto tune)that on a show about the art of singing just looks unprofessional. definetly not one of his better performances. I thought it was horrible and disgrace to actual singers/performers

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