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Judging goes haywire on 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Is it just me?
Methinks that Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno need "instant replay" capabilities regarding their comments and subsequent judging. Tonight's show was proof positive they don't realize what they've said and how they've scored dancers as the night goes on.

Case in point: Rodeo cutie Ty Murray was overwhelmingly lauded by the trio of judges extraordinaire for what was truly a fine turn on a quickstep. Huge improvement over last week and really a nicely executed routine. It was one of the few really "wow" moments of the night. Score? A measly 20! Make that a 7-6-7 from Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno, respectively.

Two dances later, Steve "The Woz" Wozniak attempted a quickstep that just looked painful (he was suffering from a foot injury after all) and the judges rightfully took him to task. Score: 17! Make that 6-5-6. Are you kidding me? That dance didn't deserve anything higher than a 5 across the board. There's no way Ty was just 3 points better on the night.

One dance later, the coosome twosome of Julianne Hough and main squeeze Chuck Wicks attempted a salsa that was just pathetic. The judges positively scolded the couple, chastising Julianne for "doing all the work" while Chuck just stood there. Score? 20. Make that a 6-7-7. Again... are you kidding me?

What goes on in the land of ballroom dance judging?

Of course, this was the night that saw the possible departure of yet another celeb. Steve-O might have really injured his back seriously following an ill-attemp at a forward flip during the dress rehearsal with partner Lacey Schwimmer. He still earned a 14 for his feeble dance (injury not withstanding) that was judged via videotape of the dress rehearsal. Ty's dancing was way better than a six-point spread over this debacle.

In the "no surprises" category, dancer Melissa Rycroft (yes, the jilted bachelorette can't downplay the fact that she has had extensive dance training, ballroom or not) scored a 26 for her sexy salsa with Tony Dovolani. But it wasn't sexy enough as frontrunner Gilles Marini nabbed a well-deserved 27 for his "Clark Kent/Superman" -inspired quickstep. Good for him! It's nice to see a non-dancer at the top of the heap.

Tuesday night: Can you say ELIMINATION?
Prediction? The Woz is going home.

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I agree completely! Ty's dance was definitely better than the score he received! My husband and I both thought that the judges were very biased on their points versus their comments...the points certainly did not reflect the comments made by them! It seems that maybe the judges need to put the points where their mouths are, or Dancing with the Stars is going to lose some viewers!

Miriam Di Nunzio:
Much better critique of the dancing and I do agree with you about the Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks duo. Have you got a thing for Ty Murray? He was much better on the quickstep than last week but deserved what he got. There are 5 couples in my opinion that will make it down close to the finals and any 5 of them can win. Melissa's dancing is awesome, Lil Kim's got some moves, Shaun is a little pack of Dynamite, Gil is the total dancing and eye candy package for the ladies, and Juliane will take what the judges have said to heart and will come back with a vengeance with partner and boyfriend Chuck Wicks. Spoiler pick is L.T. That's my take on the performances. I don't think Steve-O has a chance anyway. Yes I also think Steve Wozniak is leaving this week as he doesn't have a big enough fan base to save him at this point. he might be down there with Steve-O. If Steve-O can't dance in an elimination dance off what happens than does he go home?

Having had a husbnd who used to be a professor from Arthur Murray, I just don't see how "Dancing with the Stars" can play a "tango" with a go-go rhythm or a "waltz" with a boogie-woogie rhythm and so on misscall the name of every dance they present. It's atrocious to watch and hurtful to the ears.


P.S. Would you please pass on my comments to the powers that be. We enjoy a good 'dancing' show but we had to stop watching this one.

You read my mind! I was so puzzled and annoyed by the way judges scored tonight. It made absolutley no sense and it was entirely inconsistent...I think it was pretty unfair to some people.

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