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Danny Gokey

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1983's "P.Y.T."

It's all too shout-y for me, but he works the crowd.

"The true mark of an artist is when you can hear somebody even with your eyes closed and know exactly who they are," Paula Abdul says. "I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're on your way to the finals."

"We're only three contestants in on the first show and you've already won," Cowell retorted sarcastically. He did go on to praise the vocals ("brilliant").

Michael Sarver follows with "You Are Not Alone." He's also got a pretty powerful set of pipes. No one has really made any major blunders thus far tonight.

"You're not the best singer in this competition, I think you know that," Cowell said. "You made up for it with passion, heart and you gave it 110 percent."

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