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'Dancing with the Stars' spells perfection G-I-L-L-E-S

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It was a night of perfection on "Dancing with the Stars" as sexy, tall, dark and handsom, actor Gilles Marini danced the Argentine Tango and set the ballroom on fire. Ok, not literally, but you get the picture. And what a picture it was. Gilles and partner Cheryl Burke could do no wrong with their passionate, fiery,dramatic and beautifully stylized AT. The dance stopped the show. Marvelous.

At the other end of the spectrum, Steve Wosniak, Steve-O and alas Holly Madison were proof positive the show needs a triple elimination tomorrow night instead of the scheduled double-elimination. Yikes! I still can't decide who's worse! The ballroom has been clearly divided in two this season----- you've got the top tier, and then the very bottom. Guess where our aforementioned trio reside?

Equally superb in this fourth week of competition were Melissa Rycroft and Lil Kim. Both ladies, Melissa with her joyous Lindy Hop and Lil Kim with her sexy sexy Argentine Tango really set the barre for good dancing.

Shawn Johnson proved there really is a difference between athleticism and great dancing; her Lindy Hop was full of "tricks" as the judges stated (Olympic-caliber gymnastics would have been more accurate), but very little dancing. Shame on pro partner Mark Ballas for not giving her more actual choreography to work with. Shawn has proven she really can dance, Mark!

That clown Steve-O (yes, that was him rehearsing in full circus clown regalia) brought out a very good point about the judges' scoring system: They all said he was better than last week, and yet gave him a lower score than he got LAST WEEK. He didn't get it, and neither do I. And what kind of shoes was his pro partner Lacey Schwimmer wearing? Not cute at all.

And I can't let this week go by without carrying the torch for Ty Murray one more time! His Lindy Hop was fun and lively and he deserves to stick around another week. He is the most improved dancer, working his way up that leader board one step at a time.

And LT (that's Lawrence Taylor, of course)... this just wasn't his week. But I'm not counting him out yet. And Julianne Hough needs to realize, she may be coo-coo crazy over the moon for Chuck Wicks, but that will only get him so far in this competition. He's got some moves, but he needs to step out from behind her shadow. Note to Julianne: This competition is about Chuck.

And last but not least, David Alan Grier has come on like gangbusters! I think he'll make it through to another week.

Prediction for Tuesday's elimination? Two of the tiresome trio (Steve-O, the "Woz" and Holly) will be going home. Count on it.

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All I can say is Whew that Tango was hot. Get the fire department ready. Those moves were those of professionals. Ty Murray is the most improved dancer. Gone are the two left feet as he has loosened up and is dancing. I agree with you as the bottom three need to go now!
I'm not getting it on Chucks dancing. I think they are holding Julianne to a higher degree just as they did Cheryl after she won all her ballroom trophies in a roll. Im not seeing terrible dancing from Chuck. Are you? I think the judges at times are not fairly giving the correct scores either.

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