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'Dancing with the Stars' bounces Bond girl

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Not even 007 could save Denise Richards from herself, make that her own awful dancing (could she play with her hair just a little bit more while dancing?). When it came down to the bottom two on the leaderboard, it was Richards and Hef's old flame Holly Madison who had to dance for their supper. Or at least the chance to return next week.
Judge Len Goodman still proved he had lost his sanity when it came to judging the dance-challenged Richards, declaring once again that her dismal dancing was a job well done. NOT. Madison's dancing prowess exhibited a wee better playfulness, but at least she actually has some degree of chemistry with her pro partner Dmitry. Richards and partner Maks Chemerkovskiy couldn't even bear to look at one another.

But the night's biggest AHA moment came early on, when the "safe couple" pronouncements were being handed out. One by one, the top-coring pairs were declared safe to dance another week: Melissa, Shawn, Gilles, Lil Kim. And then there was Steve Wozniak, whom everyone had written off (yours truly, included) who heard the words NOBODY could believe: Steve and Karina you are safe (or something to that effect; I can't remember as I think I passed out). I thought Tom Bergeron was going to pass out, truth be told. And Bruno looked like he needed someone to throw a bucket of water on his face to bring him out of shock.

In case you missed it, the night before, the Woz scored an abysmal "10" out of a possible "30" for one of the worst scores in the show's history. Was there ANY way he was NOT going home tonight? Well, here's to his legions of computer geek fans who awarded him enough votes to outvote the judges who were so cruel to him on Monday night. Hmmmm. Maybe they've come up with some super computer/phone program that allows them to vote a billion times in the blink of an eye?

Just goes to show you, viewer votes really do count. Boy do they count!

Next week: two new dances are introduced, the Argentine Tango, and the Lindy Hop. Cool! I've been a huge fan of the AT because it is sooooo dramatic and steamy hot (when danced correctly, mind you). BTW, LOVED the video with Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas demonstrating (sort of) the basics of both dances.

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