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Charm returns to 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Proof positive this season of "Dancing with the Stars" is a complete throwback to seasons one and two. The playing field is relatively level... EVERYBODY is out of their comfort zones, which is what was so charming about this show in its earliest incarnation.
Bravo to the producers for smart casting at last!!

Of course, Shawn Johnson seems like she's already poised to be a force this season after her beautiful waltz. And then there's sexy Frenchman Gilles Marini who danced the Cha Cha Cha with partner Cheryl Burke. Frankly, the man could dance the Twist and make it ooze sexiness!

And then there was Steve-O in all his Jackass glory. To quote the, uhm, actor: "I wanted to put my foot in the waltz's butt." Well said Steve, well said. (He only scored a 17, btw).

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