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Belinda Carlisle go-gos off of 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Can't say I was REALLY surprised that Belinda Carlisle was the first celeb to exit the ballroom on "Dancing with the Stars" tonight. I had my money on Steve Wozniak. Guess there are way more geeks out there voting than Go-Go's fans.

It came down to Belinda and Steve in the first-ever "dance-off" of the bottom 2 couples on results night. Both showed little improvement over their dances of the previous night. (They chose the dance they would dance, by the way). I'll miss Jonathan Roberts... he's one of the more stylish among the pros.

Jewel turned in a gorgeous "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" during her guest appearance (hubby Ty Murray was probably beaming backstage). Newbie pros Chelsea and Dmitry provided a stunning dancing accompaniment. It was the evening's showstopper (no offense to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy who rocked the ballroom earlier in the night).

BIG surprise was choreographer Michael Rooney --- son of legendary actor Mickey Rooney--- who choreographed the evening's big ensemble number. Proud papa was seated ringside giving his son a standing-o.

Speaking of hyphenates, Steve-O was back in the ballroom admitting he was a moron for attempting the frontward flip last night that landed him in the hospital. Hmmm. Steve-O admitting he was stupid. Stop the presses!

Seems to me there should have been a third couple in that dance-off, and that was Steve-O and Lacey Schwimmer. I realize he got hurt Monday night, but he didn't technically dance (and yes, the rules state they have to be judged on their dress rehearsal performance). I just think it would have been more fair to have the three of them fight for a chance to return.

Here's to next week!

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steve-o shouldn't of exited ur crazy for the most part steve-o deserve to get another shot to showw every1 hes jsut some stupid jackass guy evenknow he is

Belinda's did not seem to connect with the audience. She has a certain arrogance that worked in the 80s but not today.

I think that Shawn Johnson is really good, especially for a 17-year-old! Loved her in gymnastics, and now great in dancing!

She was robbed!

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