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Anoop Desai puts his money down on "Beat It," judges wish he takes the title seriously.

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He does absolutely nothing with the arrangement. I'm guessing the judges are going to call him out for that.

"When you pick a song, it's your gift to show the world what you got. I think this song is untouchable. Everything else sounds like karaoke," Abdul said.

"It looked a bit stupid. It was like somebody trying to be like Michael Jackson and failing," added Cowell.

"It's not the kind of song you should be doing. It didn't work for me," Jackson said.

"Since you can sing, we didn't get to see you do any variation on the thing," DioGuardi says. Four universal pans and not even a compliment from Paula about what he's wearing. They really don't want this guy to go any further. Yikes.

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