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Oscars ratings up ... but still way down

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Early estimates indicate that the Oscars' TV ratings actually went up for this year's telecast last night -- but that's not saying much.

A full accounting will be ready later today, but preliminary numbers show a 6 percent uptick from last year's show. But that means last night's show is still among the bottom three least-watched Oscars ever.

Last year and in 2003, when "Chicago" won best picture before 33 million viewers, are the low-water marks for the annual show.

New York, Chicago and Los Angeles were the markets with the highest Oscar ratings Sunday.


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To me the Oscars have become irrelevant, away from the real world. These pompous, self-righteous, overpaid and overgrown children really think they are important to provide us with our entertainment and also showing us the way! What nonsense. This is why I have stopped watching this show. Just compre the old clips from the past Oscars with today and the difference is more striking that the the black-and-white grainy film.

Are these imbecilles taking a pay cut like the rest of us? Will they scale down their spending and lifestyles? Clearly not.

And the Oscar goes to......

and by the way why do the women want to be called actors and there is still a Best Actress category?

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