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One crazy wedding (kidding)

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Randy Jackson is terrible at dragging out the suspense. Cowell cuts him off. Jackie Tohn is going on. Tohn almost goes into convulsions, she is so elated. She slips off her heels and runs out of the room, all smiles.

The train wreck, Tatiana Del Toro, is up next.

"Tatiana, just try for once not to be annoying," Cowell tells her.

Before he can even finish the sentence, Paula Abdul notices that Del Toro is wearing jewelry from Abdul's line. There is no end to this girl's shame. She mentions she cried when she couldn't get the matching ring (which Adbul just happens to be wearing). Abdul takes the ring off her finger and places it on Del Toro's. Had Proposition 8 not been struck down, I think they might have been married.

Jackie Midkiff and Nathaniel Marshall are locked in a sing-off. Marshall goes on. Midkiff is told to come back next year.

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