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Milking the drama of Hollywood Week

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Kaylan Loyd is very flat and Simon Cowell puts her out of our misery.

Leneshe Young felt good about her performance. She might be the only one.

Kai Kalama did a belly flop. Michael Sarver (the oil rig guy) is in the same room with him.

Room Two gets a lecture about having started out so strong, but petering out. Which means they all got through.

Room Three (I think) does not. In that room: Michael Castro (The brother of season seven's David Castro).

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I also heard she had emergency surgery and within days her grandfather died suddenly and then less than one week later she put on her game face and went to Hollywood...
Did you see the video clip of Kaylan during Episode 17 last week? ! This young lady has talent...and was drama free...maybe that's why they didn't show her more..

I know Kaylan Loyd personally and I have been seeing lot of blogs of people talking negatively about her performance, but what America does not know was Kaylan had an emergency appendectomy the week before she came to Hollywood. Has anyone ever tried singing when they have just had major surgery that affects the diaphragm? Her grandfather also passed away while she was in the hospital, so be kind to her. She was not her normal self that week. The girl CAN definitely sing! Everyone is basing her ability to sing on one little 10 second incomplete performance when she was not feeling well and could barely stand up! Shame on you!

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