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'Leverage' has enough of it for a season renewal

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We haven't seen it getting much buzz, so we're happy to hear from TNT that there's allegedly enough of it that the new series "Leverage" is getting picked up for a second season.

"Leverage" is one of our favorite new cable confections -- an escapist trifle that mashes up the remakes of "Ocean's 11" with "The A-Team." Timothy Hutton stars as a former insurance investigator who leads a team of con men and thieves in Robin Hood-like jobs, getting even with crooks who rip off innocent people.

TNT announced today it's ordered 15 more episodes of the comedy-drama. The show's currently on at 9 p.m. Tuesdays, and the second season should start airing later this year.

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"Leverage" ranks high in ad-supported cable programming (No. 1 in that timeslot). The Dec. 7 premiere was watched by 5.6 million viewers, and the show has since averaged 3.2 million viewers.

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this is the best tv series i have seen in a LONG time. i got hooked from the first show. I absolutely love every single character and cant wait to see what kind of situations they get into in the second series... which, does anyone kno when that will start?

I love this show. The IT expert is hysterical, (sorry don't know character names), the blond chic is so cool, the beef - is sexy and quick, the drama queen is The Grifter, and yes Timothy Hutton, your perfect drunk boss. Lots of fun and much, much better than Ocean's 11.

This saddens me for one reason.

I was hoping Gina Bellman would be the next companion on DR WHO, given her long association with Steven Moffat.

I have been enjoying this show since it started. Great cast chemistry from the start (cheers to Hutton). I really didn't think A-Team but now that you say it, that is a great reference. Lots of great plot twists too. TNT does replay it, so do yourself a favor and catch an episode.

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