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'Lost' in space ... and now time

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Jack (Matthew Fox) ponders the enormity of his task in the season premiere of "Lost." (ABC)

"Lost" is found again Wednesday night -- a recap special at 7 p.m., then the two-hour fifth season premiere at 8 p.m. on ABC (WLS-Channel 7).

Here's our review of the premiere -- time-traveling madness! -- plus some other goodies:

We posted a couple of sneak peek scenes from the premiere here. And here are six more ... watch only if spoiling is not an issue!

The NYTimes has an interesting profile of Gregg Nations, the script supervisor for the show. He's the one who has to keep track of every crazy reveal, every plot twist, even the hairs on Jack's chest. And he keeps it all in one enormous text file. And he'd better be planning to publish it someday.

Part of what he has to keep track of are the various flash-forwards that have taken place thus far -- which a blogger at Chicago's branch of The Examiner compiled yesterday in a handy timeline.

One of the Honolulu papers (on the island where "Lost" is filmed) rounds up some new details and rumors, including reports that people did indeed see Michelle Rodriguez (the late Ana Lucia) filming on the set. Further proof that dying does not end your career on "Lost."

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