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What do you want to see on Jay Leno's new show?

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NBC and Jay Leno are keeping quiet except to announce that he'll be starting a new show in primetime. No details, no descriptions of what the show might be like, nothing. Will it be the same basic chat-show format? Will it start turning into "The Daily Show"? Or "The Gong Show"?

(And wouldn't you be more than a little miffed if you were Conan O'Brien right about now?)

Most important: What do you want to see in Jay's new show?

Click in and tell us ...

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Hi Jay!!! My Hubby & I Love your show, and have watched it for years. We are pleased you will be hosting a new show, so we can keep watching you & you style of humor. Ideas: How about a clip from an old comedian as a short segment...Marxs Bros, Rodney Dangerfield, etc, if you can swing the royalties loop; How about a travel or Food segment, where Jay travels somewhere, maybe in one of his "rides", or trys some new food...veggies! OK, that may be pushing it! I do love the celebrity interveiws, and musicians showcase too..Don't like the animal stuff. Do like your quirky guest hosts..the older lady with cookies...Carrie Underwood was Very Funny as a New Yorker! And Speaking of musicans! I have a new CD out, and it is just hitting the market! I want you to hear it, and if you like, have me on your show! I feel you haven't made it as a musician until you've been on Jay; and it was one of the inspirations to get me to put it into form...and now you are leaving the Tonight Show!!! to check it out. It is getting great professional feedback. Oh, we Love Headlines, the Photobooth Lady, and Pumpcasting. PS I am always amazed when a guest comes on your show & doesn't know where the monitor comes up to show their clip...Duh! Watch the show before you get there! Thanks! Laurel

I just want him to do the open with the 23 sets of drapes being opened before he comes on stage. I neglected to tape it when his show started. This was one of the greatest TV satires ever done, but critics didn't seem to notice it.

I think they need to start with someone other than Jay Leno...that would be a good start!

I for one am thrilled Jay is going to continue to be on TV! Conan is nowhere near as funny at Jay, and he will run the Tonight Show ionto the ground!

less Jay Leno

Belly dancers and jugglers would be the ideal centerpiece for Jay's new show. They could be presented simultaneously for maximum effect, but alternating the two attractions could help to build interest.

It doesn't matter, because I don't think his show is going to last.
FIVE night a week?!?!?
I think the people who go to bed after the news are going to get tired of it. The Letterman/Leno crowd is a completely different group of people. And don't forget the Nightline people.

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