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Snubs and drubs: Globes hint at broadcast TV's demise

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"That was my agent on the phone. He says the Globes screwed us!" Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey on "Grey's Anatomy." (File)

Today's Golden Globes nominations contained few real surprises -- though the "Tropic Thunder" nods reminded us why we like this awards show so much better than the Oscars, who never would have deigned to honor such wacky comedies.

But one message is clear after one look-see at the nominees list: broadcast TV is doomed.

HBO' usually hogs awards at shows like this. The network cleaned up at the Emmys, to the surprise of those who thought AMC's "Mad Men" would rule that night. But that was the first clue: both serious contenders were cable networks. NBC, ABC, CBS -- they hardly even showed up.

Today's nominations showed some glaring holes. Where's "Grey's Anatomy"? "Desperate Housewives"? Where's "Lost"? A show like "Pushing Daisies" is tailor-made for awards -- moreso than a viewing audience, apparently -- and even it was shut out.

In fact, no new broadcast shows got nominations. The only freshman shows to get nods are HBO's "True Blood" and "In Treatment."

Maybe this is why NBC axed its slate, is talking about cutting back on its hours and is moving an unscripted Jay Leno snoozefest into primetime, eh? And why the broadcast networks are bleeding viewership.

As E! points out today: "Four out of the five Best Drama nominations went to cable ('Dexter,' 'Mad Men,' 'In Treatment' and 'True Blood'), with only Fox's 'House' squeaking in. And though 'The Office' and '30 Rock' secured much-deserved nods for Best Comedy, the other three went to cable: 'Californication,' 'Entourage' and 'Weeds.' "

"Breaking Bad" was a star at the Emmys, but it was snubbed today. Also ignored: CBS' surprisingly popular new "The Mentalist" and -- once again -- the last season of HBO's "The Wire."

The network nomination breakdown is:
HBO -- 22
Showtime -- 8
NBC -- 6
ABC -- 5
AMC, Fox, PBS -- 3 each

This was also posted on our awards-season blog with much more Globes coverage.

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