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NBC trying another talk show in primetime

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NBC has announced it's moving another of its talk-show chestnuts into primetime ...

Well, for one night only.

Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Al Roker and Ann Curry will host a one-hour "Today" show on Dec. 22 -- a review of the year's biggest news events. It won't be strictly serious; the show will include big moments in pop culture and "Today" show bloopers. It's the first time they've tried something like this in more than a decade.

With its prime-time schedule suffering, NBC is reaching toward its more successful areas for programming. Late-night king Jay Leno is moving to prime-time next fall.


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I watch every morning and love them, but with Kathylee gone, her replacement Mario is a jerk. He will not let Hoda finish a sentence, he thinks he is funny and he is not. Bad choice of replacements. Have to watch Rachael.

Happy New Year! Hurry back Kathylee.

I have been watching KathyLee and Hoda each day at 10 AM and I love them. I love them because KathyLee says what is on her mind and comes out with the truth and is very funny. Also the show is not desperate and bringing on people who are disgusting. I hope you stay the same and stay with class. I loved Kathylee on Regis and your great on this show with Hoda --who also has class. Thank you from Cathy in delaware

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