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Miley's coming back as Hannah Montana

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Don't throw out the blond wig quite yet -- Miley Cyrus will be back for a few more new episodes of Disney's hit sitcom "Hannah Montana."

Four episodes of the show's third season have aired. Then there was scuttlebutt that Miley was dumping the show -- now that her star has risen far beyond mere Montana. But Disney said today it has ordered new episodes.

Gary Marsh, president of Disney Channels Worldwide, made the announcement today: "The talent behind Hannah Montana has made it a true global sensation and cultural icon not just on television, where it topped the ratings on Disney Channels around the globe, but as a chart-topping music act and beyond. ... It has become part of the global cultural lexicon for kids, parents and families everywhere."

Uh, yeah. With young kids (ages 6 to 11), "Hannah" is the No. 1-rated basic-cable show.

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umm... no.. she not even that good how can you let your kids watch this show havent you seen her pics on the internet of her posing in her underwear and bra!!

she is a rockstar.i wish she comes to india.i just love her music.disney is one of the best chanel and hanna montana is one of the best singer.

im so happy and glad that there will be more episodes,i love the show the whole cast are amazing,im not 6-11 but i could not go a day w/o watching the show or knowing whats going on in mileys life

Miley Cyrus has propelled the show into the stratosphere, along with her career. She is a phenom, for she is loaded with talent and as cute as a button. BTW, she never said she was bailing on the HM show, that was crap invented by some media types.

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