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'Jericho' fan loyalty has a very long half-life

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No one beats fans of the canceled CBS drama "Jericho" for loyalty, dedication -- and possibly absurd uses of their personal fortunes during hard economic times.

A group of them, through a grassroots campaign Web site, pooled enough dough to put together a 30-second TV commercial, which is airing on the NBC Universal HD cable network throughout December. The ad pleads for more support for the campaign to resurrect the nuclear-aftermath series ... again. The commercial likely will reach beyond the original billboard.

Good luck, you nuts. Watch the spot after the jump ...

The NBC channel was running reruns of "Jericho." Now those reruns -- of the show's full first season and half-length second season, starring Skeet Ulrich -- are airing at 7 p.m. Sundays on the CBS-owned CW network.

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Jericho fan loyalty has a long half life? Nope. Of the original nearly 12 million that watched the pilot only 6 million saw the series finale and under 1 million are bothering with the reruns on CW. Its only a few crazies left still pumping this dead dog. They are only slightly less crazy that Firefly trenchcoats or whatever theyre called. I half expect the few remaining Jericho nuts to start a doomsday cult in Kansas who chase varmints off their land with M-16s and Uzi's while waiting for the evil neo-cons to nuke America just like on Tee Vee.

What is wrong with fans being loyal to Jericho? There still is a chance for the show to be back! As long as there is a chance we won't give up!

Don't give up people, there is still hope for Jericho!

Jericho wont die? No, its dead. Its just that some people keep digging up the grave and dragging the corpse around insisting its still alive.

We are creative, aren't we! Jericho episodes are back on the UHD and now the CW. It's not going away! The fans will be loyal forever!

Great article! Thank you for respectfually recognizing the awesome, untiring, selfless efforts of Jericho fans.

Jericho fans nuts??? Not at all! CBS was NUTS for cancelling Jericho.

Thank you for recognizing Jericho and it's solid, creative fans. We all think that CBS really did not recognize how worthy Jericho was to have on their network.
It is our hope that a network more attentive to not just TV ratings, but to all the viewing that goes on worldwide on the Internet will re-up Jericho so the story can continue.

Thank you again...

Durham, NC

Thomas you are correct the Jericho fans are loyal to our show. However it goes much further than loyalty. For many of us this is where we make our stand and say enough to the garbage on TV. Thanks for the article.

The fight for Jericho continues....

Thanks for reporting on the fan campaign to Save Jericho.


Great Show!

Will be watching on the CW!

"Absurd uses of their personal fortunes"? Not to we Jericho fans. We believe that a really quality show was mishandled by CBS and could have a future somewhere else. We're willing to put our money where are mouths are.

And please don't say the money could be donated to charity. The Rangers have donated thousands of dollars to Greensburg Kansas after the tornado, donated DVDs to the troops, and sent food to foodbanks.

Yes, we are loyal, dedicated, and I've never met a better bunch of people.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful article about Jericho, its great to see the show back in the news again.

Jericho still continues to make money for companies...Universal HD, The CW, YouTube, Sci-Fi channel and other venues. Looks to me like the Jericho fans are not so "nuts" afterall.

Thanks for the very nice article about Jericho...great commercial isn't it?

Thanks for the update!

Jericho is a great show and happily watching in HD on the UHD channel and now back on the CW!!!!!!!!

The show that won't die!

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