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If Kanye's the voice of this generation, he'd better sing on key

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Kanye West performs "Love Lockdown" on "Saturday Night Live."

More "SNL" scuttlebutt from the weekend is brewing around Chicago rapper Kanye West's two performances during the show. They were ... well, certainly heartfelt. But also alarmingly, er, debatable ...

It's a frustrating situation, because here's an artist who stepped out on a limb to try something fairly interesting and maybe bold in the context of hip-hop. The auto-tune machines he used on the new record, "808s and Heartbreak," were allegedly employed for the vocoder-like effect on his voice, but judging by Saturday's performances, man, the "voice of this generation" needs the help.

What to do when a rapper tries to sing?

Sun-Times critic Jim DeRogatis admired Kanye's recorded effort.

Here's the other song, "Heartless / Pinocchio Story" ...

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Wow. People care about this way too much. It was a bad performance and none of the songs on 808s & Heartbreak sound good live. Thats it. People seem to be getting mad over one guy, just shut up about it and change the channel if you dont like it. I preferred him as a rapper though.

Also, lol @ the people who are still saying he's arrogant and shit. Is it 2005?

Kanye's performance was horrible, on several fronts. First, he wasn't even attempting to hit the high notes of the song, and let the vocorder of himself sing instead. Second, he began yelling towards the end of the song with no thought of the context of the smooth and mellow love song. Third, he didn't even seem like he was into it, he was standing stiff and looking like a performance novice instead of the vet he is. Come on Kanye, what happened to We Don't Care, Get Em High, and Jesus Walks? Lyrical genius is where your talent's at, you can't sing like T-pain and Akon, get back to your roots.

Leave Kanye West Alone! He is a talent and let him do him! If you don't like his sound, don't listen to that hard? Really, stop hating! You see he lost his mom, gosh turn the channel.

His performance SUCKS!! BIG TIME!!! I acknowledge that he's a very talented artist. As a rapper, he's legit! In singing? He needs to stop embarassing himself!! And nobody from his posse told him that his singing sucks, they probably sing high praises for his performance. Ego got so big he's doesn't even realize he can't SING!!

Kanye, please - no one cares about you

I am a fan of Kanye!!! His 808 & heartbreak is cool!! i think he was not good to perform this one in SNL- somebody should have said not to do with out the vocoder!!! everybody knews that kanye west used vocoder to make his voice smooth in 808's.. The album has come good!! He has to do the same tthing when he does it live use the vocoders or else dont have to sing...Of his all performance "SNL" was the worst i have to agreee

At least the set he was singing in front of was really cool...

I'm a Kanye fan, well I was, and will be again when he starts rapping again. If he doesn't want to rap, just stop putting out music... this is ridiculous.. What people need to do is stop buying and listening to this ish, that way maybe he'll stick to his craft...

Kanye... you are talented... PLEASE STOP SINGING AND RAP OR PRODUCE!!!!!

Kanye is, ...well, a dork. A big rich one at that. If he weren't such a whiny person, I may be more willing to cut him some slack. But the truth is, the concept of the song was great... the performance (voice), not so much.

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