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Boldly annoying the way no talk show host has ever annoyed before ...

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William Shatner's back on TV tonight, and it ain't "Boston Legal." He's not even acting (well, maybe). It's his new talk show -- yes, talk show -- called "Shatner's Raw Nerve," and it debuts at 9 tonight on A&E.

The first guests on his show tonight are Valerie Bertinelli and Tim Allen. Yeah, whew -- keep in mind Shatner's last music album was called "Has Been." Future guests will include actors Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammer and Leonard Nimoy.

Shatner's stated goal for the discussions -- via the show's title -- is to talk about what really annoys people, what gets under the guests' skin, what works that last nerve.

"We all have many, but choose a subject -- onions, snakes, loneliness, fear of death," Shatner told Reuters. "I mean it goes from the sublime to the absurd."

But it's not just about making them angry: "There are many aspects to a raw nerve that don't have to do with negative emotions, like anger," said Shatner, who has already taped 13 interviews.

From the Reuters story:

For Nimoy, a fellow "Star Trek" traveler, the raw nerve Shatner said he uncovered centered on Nimoy's grandfather.
Nimoy related that as a young man, he often watched as his grandfather fingered his shoes. Only later did Nimoy realize his grandfather, a leather worker, was literally getting a feel for how his grandson was doing by checking on such things as the wear on the soles of his shoes.
"That was the raw nerve about Leonard, and I thought that was beautiful," Shatner said.

Watch a clip here from tonight's show, with Father Shatner taking Bertinelli's confession.

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