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Blago bust fuels late-night chat show funnies

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As expected, late-night talk-show hosts had fun skewering Gov. Rod Blagojevich's Tuesday arrest for fraud allegations.

Jimmy Kimmel, for instance, suggested: "He's supposed to appoint somebody. But he's in Chicago -- he has Barack Obama's seat for sale -- shouldn't he go directly to Oprah? Who would pay more for the seat than her?"

Here's a run-down of some of the yuks at Blago's expense ...

More after the jump ...

Letterman: "1 count of fraud ... and 1 count of Blagojeviching."

And here's a blast from the past -- Blago two years ago on "The Daily Show," not quite getting whether he's in on the joke:

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Why is everyone surprised. This is Illinois ! This is business as usual and in thier DNA from Obama on down. I
Govener every ten years goes to jail

I agree with Kevin.

The Tribune thing was messing with Freedom of Speech too so now the comics are using theirs. It'f for the Children (At the Childrens' Hospital this jabronie was trying to take the funds away from.)

Jay Leno was the best. After having difficulty pronouncing Blagojevich's name he just referred to him as Rod Sonofabitch. Most of us in Illinois have been referring to him that way for years.

Had to be craigslist.

EBay charges a commission.

Leno said Blago sold the seat on E-Bay and Conan said on craigslist. Which one was right, or was it both?

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