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Your complete holiday TV/movie guide!

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OK .... now the Christmas season can begin. And it begins with warm, crackly holiday TV shows!

Whether your favorite annual Christmas gem is "Miracle on 34th Street" (on this afternoon!), the Peanuts gang, the crazy stop-motion Rudolph shows, "A Colbert Christmas" or good ol' scrooge (or "Scrooged"), all the holiday TV you could ever want is on our day-by-day 2008 Holiday TV and Movie Guide, online now for your viewing pleasure.

You blockhead.

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Perfect! Just what I needed. another movie guide to my collection :) heh

Thanks! ;)

I've watched since season one. Got my co-workers and Daughter and Son-in-Law involved for season two. We even have DWTS for Wii. I would love to surprise my daughter and her husband (She's pregnant and he recently had back surgery). Grandma would sacrifice and babysit. Please help me surprise them!

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