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Win free tickets to "Dancing with the Stars" at Allstate Arena

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Ok, here's the "surprise" I mentioned last night!!

So you've been a faithful TV devotee of "Dancing with the Stars" for seven seasons. Here's your chance to see some of your favorite dancers up-close and personal via our "Dancing with the Stars: The Tour" ticket giveaway.

Two lucky bloggers to this site will each win one pair of tickets to the Jan. 9, 2009, 7:30 p.m. show at the Allstate Arena, 6920 N. Mannheim, Rosemont.

dancing tour.jpg

To enter, simply comment on my blog, in 50 words or less, why you think "Dancing with the Stars" is the best thing since sliced bread, and has therefore had some profound impact on your life.

Entries will be judged by me on or about December 19, 2008 based on creativity, grammar, clarity, heart, soul and/or humor. You must be 18+over and a legal resident of of IL, WI, IN, or IA to enter/win. I will contact each winner at their subscriber email and must get a response within 24 hours or that winner will be disqualified and an alternate winner will be selected. Only one entry per email address/name & address will be considered.

Tickets will be available for pickup at the Allstate Arena on the evening of the show. Winners must provide their own transportation to and from the event. The Sun-Times, this blog, and yours truly accept no responsibility for the content of the show, and/or including its cancellation/rescheduling or lack thereof. All entries must be posted by midnight CST on Dec. 15, 2008.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Void where prohibited. All entries are subject to's Submission Guidelines available at All federal, state and local taxes, as well as any expenses not specified, are the sole responsibility of each winner. No transfers, prize substitutions or cash redemptions will be made. Winners will need to provide Sponsor their full name, age, daytime telephone number and city/state in which they reside within a specified timeframe or risk disqualification. Approximate retail value (ARV) of each prize is $130 and total ARV of all prizes is $260. If the promotion is not capable of running as planned for any reason, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole
discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend this contest. Sponsor: Chicago Sun-Times LLC, 350 N. Orleans St., 10th Floor, Chicago, IL 60654.

To purchase tickets to the show, visit:

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My 9 year old and 6 year old turned me on to DWS. My girls have dance routines they practice daily. Before DWS I was begging them to join an activity. Since DWS they have begged me to do tumbling, yoga who would have guessed, dance.


I feel Dancing with the Stars shows viewers that dancing is beautiful and entertaining. I believe when one watches the show he or she is encouraged to learn to dance. Because of Dancing with the Stars I'll soon be taking lessons myself. If I was to win these tickets I would take my beautiful girlfriend and I know she would enjoy the performance. Thank you and Happy Holidays

William White

I will be honest with you right from the beginning and say i'm not doing this for me but for my mother. She is a huge fan. To see her watching with a smile brings a smile to my face(doesn't happen to often lately) so i'm hoping to win these for her.

Dancing With The Stars is the best show ever!My family has been watching every season since the first one and we are in love with it!This show has inspired my 14 year old daughter to take dance classes because she wanted to be just like the professional dancers on the show.Dancing With The Stars has just had such an amazing influence on her.It inspires her to dance and one day she wants to be just like the professionals on the show.Since last year my daughter has been asking me if we could go to the tour ,but sadly I had to say no because we just can't afford to pay the price for the tickets.Going to the tour would mean the world to her and it has been her dream since season 1 to be able to meet the stars of the show.

I've watched DWTS since inception. Competition is good...pushing participants to do their best...while providing a beautiful, wholesome show to view. I've purchased Cardio Dance created by the pros and hope to push myself to a healthier, more active life. Anxiously awaiting the next season!

Step aside American Idol! America's Got Talent? All the talents are here! Wipeout contestants are no match to the DWTS dancers! Next Top Models can learn a thing or two about composure! DWTS is the one to watch!

Every week our toddler daughters don princess dresses and heels and dance with DWTS. It so inspired them that they began dance class! It's how we began watching DWTS, but the dancing and comedy hooked us! DWTS are family nights; we're entertained by the show and our future ballroom dancers!

My husband and I have tuned into DWTS for many seasons. During the performances we critic the dances and comment on the practice sessions. I appreciate that the show's producers give us a glimpse at how difficult it is for the stars to learn the routines and it's heart warming to see friendships develop. I believe Cody's tears over Juliana's illness were not acting! Cody was full of energy and I was glad to see him go so far. Brooke was such a natural she definitely deserved the trophy if Derek was willing to share! LOL

Being handicapped myself (having had both knees replaced, both hips replaced and had 2 back surgeries, a fusion and a laminectomy), I cannot help but watch both the "stars" and the professionals with nothing but awe in my eyes. It is SO difficult for me to walk, let alone dance, and I just cannot get over how awesome all (or most) of the stars are, even with no dancing experience. They truly put a smile on my face. I have been bedridden for most of 2008 and there were many days that I would say to myself "only 50 more days until Dancing starts", "only 30 more days until Dancing starts", etc. Then once it began again in the fall, I would really look forward to Mondays and Tuesdays so that I could watch my favorite show. When you don't have much happiness in your life, it is wonderful to have something to look forward to. I would be delighted to attend the Dancing with the Stars tour, but money is extremely tight for me. I really consider myself to be DWTS's #1 fan and would be very greatful for the opportunity to see the dancers in person!!

I am really a big time fan of the dwts,I always somehow cry for the winners I feel like a family member when i see these stars dancing and trying their best to get there. i was happy for ms. Brook to win. but i really was hoping for mr.zapp too. but for me everyone was great thank you

I watch DANCING WITH THE STARS faithfully, every season, every Monday and Tuesday! It is a wonderful show! It is full of excellent sportmanship, fun and plenty of good-looking people *_*

I LOVE IT! I also have many of my frineds turning to it!

It reminds you that we're all dancers of some kind! Everyone person fits into some type of dance category: Line dance, hip-hop, waltz or latin! It's all GOOD!

I can't wait til the next season!!!! *_*

Energy, passion, excitement and fun! Since we watched Emmitt Smith "strut his strutter" we have been hooked. This show makes me and my 11 year old son want to dance and brings smiles and laughter into my home. We enjoy watching athletes/actors improving every week. Long live DWTS!!

I have watched every season since Dancing with the Stars began. I am an avid dancer and not only is the show very entertaining but it seems to enthrall fans of all ages. It is amazing what dedication, showmanship and genuine regard the participants have for each other. Definitely a "10".

I've been watching dancing with the stars since the first season. Dancing with the stars is a great show. Just watching the show puts a smile on my face, it makes me believe that anything is possible. I enjoy watching professional dancers teach stars to dance. It takes the star out of their element and teaches them to accomplish something new. When I see a football player dance it’s pretty humbling, if a big bad tough guy can do it, so can someone like me. Truly dancing with the stars is heart warming show and I can't wait for season Eight.

Dancing with the Stars is an amazing show that I've always enjoyed watching. What is great is that it brings stars into a setting that is unfamiliar to them and it's fun and inspirational to watch them try their hardest to compete on the Ballroom floor. Every Season has been a pleasure to watch and just never gets old because you have new stars paired with professionals and then the journey starts all over again. The best part is to see who actually takes to dancing and starts pulling away from the rest. I also give credit for the stars who don't make it that far in the competition, but make the best effort to perform the routine. It's beautiful to see the dance couples form a relationship that is geniune and lasting. This show is very entertaining and hopefully will be on TV for many years to come. In a time where there are just too many reality shows, Dancing with the Stars is such a relief that is good for the whole family.

I credit "Dancing with the Stars" for helping me get my husband back into ballroom classes at our community college. We love watching the show together, and seeing a guy like Warren, who isn't your typical Fred Astaire, do so well gave the husband courage to learn to move, shake and have fun. We enjoy dancing together very much (and now that the season is over, that's what we'll be doing while we wait for next year).

I have only recently started watching Dancing With The Stars. I find myself watching and learning...seeing how the Professional balance their dancing with the Star. Dancing With The Stars has thrilled me with music and movement...with the hope to be a better dancer, someday.

With so many reality tv shows featuring little more than lying, backstabbing and bad behavior, DWTS requires skill, ability and grace. It's great to watch the celebs, out of their element, learning to be great dancers! Brooke deserved to win, but Warren was awesome!

I got hooked from season one with George Hamilton. A show that not only teaches amateurs from walks of life, a to z, to strive for excellence, while contestants have terrific sense of humors encouraging others to make happy along with them, is the best concept ever. How can anyone watch and not have fun! Thanks everso for great family entertainment.

I've watched Dancing with the Stars for as far back as I can remember. It is always a great feeling to see the preformers grow week after week and become incredible dancers. Way to go Brooke!

I watch "Dancing" with my wife because she considers it "quality time". It has led to us dancing for the first time in our 14-year marriage, and I have also recently danced with my mom for the first time ever. When my wife and mom are happy, life is good.

I've watched two seasons of Dancing with the Stars, the first was because of E. Smith and now because W. Sapp who has truely represented for the "Big Guys". It's amazing to watch the stars and professional dancers bond to make magic. Wonderful Show!

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