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William Shatner to George Takei: Let's talk it out ... on TV

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As Janeane Garofalo said in "Reality Bites": "Oh, would you two just do it and get it over with?"

The decades-long tension between "Star Trek" pioneers William Shatner and George Takei reached a boiling point in months past when the two schoolyard babies argued back and forth -- through various media, not directly to each other -- about whether or not Shatner was invited to the recent wedding of Takei and his partner, Brad Altman. It continues with a new video out this week ...

In a video message posted to his YouTube channel, Shatner again discusses the laborious feud with his former helmsman, complining, ''George has been mean to me for a long time -- I mean, decades and decades.''

Says Shatner of the wedding-invite mishap: ''I would not expect him to invite me to a place where he wanted to be surrounded by love and he'd see my little red face poking out there, and look at me and feel whatever enmity he feels for whatever reason I do not know.''

He closes the message by inviting Takei to come on Shatner's new cable talk show, "Shatner's Raw Nerve," and settle the matter.

What do you think: Is this a sincere feud between two old colleagues, or a stunt whipped up to get us talking about Shatner and his new show?

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These two guys have been part of my life since I was a kid. Neither of them are getting any younger (neither am I) but I wish they would just give each other a hug ~ failing that, a handshake would be OK ~ and put the past behind them.

Maybe this is the REAL sotry about why Shatner is so angry:

"George has been mean to me" - LOL. How can anyone think this is serious? "My little red face poking there" lol

Loads of laughs!!! Wow what a hero but for a captain that is supposed to boldy go where no man has gone before how come my childhood hero is too chicken to enter the ITV's I'm a celebrity get me out of here challenge like sulu is. Maybe it's because the food doesn't come out of a replicator or is it that he would not be in command? Ok Kirk, enough of your sinisism of good old sulu about his starship and by the way didn't he command a starship many years ago in The undiscovered country!? Good luck to sulu in the jungle he will definately get my vote to stay there till the bitter end. Would it not be more fitting if the captain were on board though, isn't that the obligation of a true captain to stay on board while the rest of the ship sinks. Imagine what a treat it would be to have kirk transported into the jungle! I could go on forever about these two maybe because I have trekkie blood in me. Oh one last thing to Mr Shatner, the timing of your statement on each episode " These are the voyeges of the starship enterprise to boldly go where no man has gone before" was perfect. I do not aggree that it was performed any better during the show whereupon Shatner states he was never happy with the timing and the way he said it. It is his signiture just as famous as Neil Armstrongs "One small step for man a giant leap for mankind!
Keep on rocking kirk!!!!

I think it is indeed just a stunt, and a pretty mean one at that, to get people talking about his new show, but hey that's in character. It's strange that he does not know what the feud is all about when he "wrote" all about the reasons for his co-stars disgruntlements in "his" books Star Trek Memories and Star Trek Movie memories.

It's also telling that he does not remember that Takei/Sulu did indeed have his own ship in Star Trek 6 and that he overrides his daughter's three attempts to remind him of the fact.

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