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Night of highs and lows on 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Let's see, what did we learn tonight on "DWTS"?

1) The competition is taking its toll on most of the remaining pairs. Arguments, pissy criticisms, snapping, frustration, injuries and attitude abounded during the week's rehearsals.

2) A boa-sporting Bruno Tonioli beamed "I am what I am." 'Nuff said.

3) Lance Bass is the most whiney, insecure boy bander of all time. Even Lacey Schwimmer couldn't take it anymore, breaking down in tears during one of their more, uhm, difficult rehearsals.

4) Shoes are required for ballroom dance competitions.

5) Brooke Burke dances as good as any of the pros.

That about sums it up. It was a night of superb dance skills (Brooke, Lance) and not so superb (Warren, Cody) and the in-between (Susan, Maurice). It was a night of HUGE controversy thanks to Lacy and Lance who opted for a barefooted, back-to-nature approach to the sultry rhumba. Had this been a contemporary or modern dance competition, I would have scored them perfect 10s (Carrie Ann and Bruno did). Kudos to Len for telling them to stop with all the gimmicks and tricks. The elder statesman of judge row slapped them with a paltry 7 for their efforts.

The first-ever team competition proved some got it, and some don't. The Team Cha-Cha-Cha (Susan, Lance and Cody) were miserable, save for Lance and Lacy who were smokin' hot. As CarrieAnn put it, their "unison" dancing was terrible. On the other hand, Team Paso Doble (Warren, Brooke and Maurice) were stunning. The team scores, 29 for Team Paso and 20 for Team Cha. Those scores will be added to individual totals.

The results will be presented Wednesday night due to that other "competition" on Tuesday.

ODDS AND ENDS: Welcome back Edyta, filling in for the recuperating Julianne Hough (after an appendectomy). Seated ringside: comedienne Kathy Griffin. Don't be surprised if she shows up next season in the competition.

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It makes no sense for Len to criticize Lacey's contemporary approach to the rhumba when the show had them doing hip hop last week. How is hip hop related to ballroom dance? isn't.

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