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'Dancing with the Stars' semifinals are set

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Sure, one more couple went home, but tonight it was all about the family, as brothers and sisters paired up for two of the most sensational dance routines this show has ever staged. First up was Lacey Schwimmer and her brother Benji, who took country music to a whole new level with their honky-tonk-inspired routine set to the live performance of "Ticks" by Brad Paisley himself. Talent runs deep in the Schwimmer family! Not 15 minutes later, Derek Hough and the just-returned from surgery Juianne Hough brought the house down with their incredible jive routine to "Great Balls of Fire." You'd never know Julianne had been out for the past two weeks due to an appendectomy.

These siblings can dance!

Oh ya, and at the end of the night, it was Cody and Maurice left standing in the scary red light. Alas, Maurice was sent packing amid shrieks, applause and tears. Cody lives to dance another day with Julianne. And can we all leave Cheryl's weight alone now? That means Brooke Burke, Cody Linley and Warren Sapp move on to the semi-finals next Monday night. It's the mom, the kid and the big dude!

The most bizzarre segments of the night were snippets of video "sessions" featuring the dance teams and advice guru "Dr. Drew" (yep, Dr. Drew Pinsky from "Celebrity Rehab"). What was the point of this? Of course Cody and Julianne did cry, so I guess it was worth it. HUH? This was the weirdest "let's fill airtime" segments in the history of the show. This results show could have been 30 minutes tops, including the sensational dance numbers and Paisley's two performances.

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You forgot a contestant. Lance Bass. Three couples dance in the finale.

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