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"Dancing" results show too long for it's own good

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The stage is set for the finals: Cody Linley was voted out of the ballroom, so it's up to Lance Bass, Brooke Burke and Warren Sapp to battle it out next Monday night for that coveted mirror-ball trophy.

Bass came out the backstretch this season to take everyone by surprise, while Cody who seemed to be on track for a while, just ran out of gas. And then there's Warren, who proved to everybody that "the big guy" can dance! Early line says Brooke will walk away with it all, but anything can happen. Lance and partner Lacey Schwimmer are atop the leaderboard going into the finals, and who would have predicted that from the boy bander with the severe lack of confidence and the "worst dancer in 'NSYNC." And I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but Warren might be the next celeb eliminated; he's wildly entertaining, but his moves the past few weeks seem to be lacking the pizzazz he had earlier in the season.

But I digress. Can the results show get ANY LONGER? Sure, ABC is counting its merry millions in advertising revenue, but honestly, do we really need a one-hour re-run/recap of the previous night's competition? Come on already. It was fantastic to see/hear Aretha Franklin and John Legend perform; too bad we didn't have more of them and less babbling rehash about the night before. Julianne Hough got to plug her latest single, too. The results show is becoming a concert treat, rather than a dancing feat.

It was nice to see Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas dance again. The reigning champs put on quite a dancing exhibition.

Adorable moments: The finals of the kids' competition. All three moppett couples are just too cute and way too talented to be believed. I'm not picking a winner just yet.

Here's to Monday's final round!

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I'm a long-time fan, and I was hoping to hear what you "REALLY" thought of Aretha Franklin's singing that night. C'mon, dig deep. I know you want to!

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