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"Dancing" finals see a '7'

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Tonight's finals got off to an awkward start with judge Len Goodman's issuance of a lousy "7" to Warren Sapp for the samba smackdown. Come on Len, it's obvious you want Brooke to win, but Sapp did not deserve anything below an "8." In fact, Brooke, upon whom Len bestowed a 9, wasn't the best of the trio of finalists during the semi-group dance. It was Lance Bass with partner Lacey Schwimmer who sizzled out there with some new and exciting moves. Len once again stunned everyone with his "8" when the young duo really deserved a "9." Ouch.

In the junior dancing division, the brother-sister duo of Craig and Samantha were presented their much deserved mini-mirrorball trophy for first place. They rocked and their polished, stylish, lighter-than-air moves should serve as an inspiration to dancers everywhere!.

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