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ABC: 'Practice,' 'Mars' on the move?

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The Hollywood Reporter is citing sources saying ABC's going to monkey with their schedule a bit, playing a shell game with some of its dramas.

Discussing changes due early next year, THR says: "Sources say 'Private Practice' will get a chance to shine at 9 p.m Thursdays behind 'Grey's Anatomy.' And the slightly trippy, time-traveling new drama 'Life on Mars' will get a trial behind the seriously trippy 'Lost' at 9 p.m. Wednesdays."

Bringing "Lost" back on Wednesdays should prop up the network's sagging midweek lineup. (Why aren't you people charmed by "Pushing Daisies"? OK, I know the preciousness of the storytelling wears thin ...) And wasn't "Practice" originally going to premiere behind "Grey's"?

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