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Toni Braxton outta the ballroom

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Even Samantha Harris couldn't hide her disbelief in the fact that Cloris Leachman moved on to the next phase of competition, when she quipped (leading in to the eliminations), "one couple is in for a MAJOR disappointment"...

and for Toni Braxton, it was. She was eliminated tonight, and that's a shame. I've not been a huge fan of her dancing, but she danced rings around Cloris and deserved to go on for a week or two more. Oh well, guess her fan base wasn't as big as La Leachman's.

Standing next to Toni in the "bottom two" was Susan Lucci ... perhaps a harbinger of next week's results?

In the "kiddie" ballroom competition, a fantastic young couple from Philadelphia, Maria and Mitchell made it onto the next round, trouncing the duo from Los Angeles, who might have sealed their fate with a very pompous attitude (yes, Carrie Ann Inaba pointed out the fact that their attitude was what they needed to "make it in this town.") But the ballroom didn't see it quite the same way. The applause was loud, but nowhere near the bombast of the ovation their competitors got. Oh well.

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I meant to include this snarky comment in my earlier post, but forgot, so here goes. You start your post by saying "Even Samantha Harris couldn't hide her disbelief . . . " Excuse me? You make it sound like Samantha Harris is the Olivier or DeNiro of the Realty TV Spokes-Babes World. LOL Truly, she is a beautiful lady, and sometimes nearly makes sense, but we should all be grateful when she manages the bare minimum in her role as Tom Bergeron's attractive half, and not expect her to attain acting achievements not seeen since the passing of the Barrymore clan.

Every week that Cloris continues, this show (which I've enjoyed from the beginning) loses even more credibility with me. I completely understand that it is as much a popularity contest as it is a dance contest, but come on now. The dancing should have SOMETHING to do with who moves forward, shouldn't it? Cloris, who has had a wonderful career as a NON-dancer, is already 2-3 weeks past due for leaving. An open plea to Cloris fans everywhere: For heaven's sake, stop voting!!

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