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Palin confirmed for "SNL" this weekend

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Leaks last week suggested VP candidate Sarah Palin would be on "Saturday Night Live" next week -- but today reports confirm she'll be on tomorrow night!

Palin will appear Saturday on the show. The host for that night? Josh Brolin, who plays President Bush in director Oliver Stone's new movie, "W." Perfect!

A McCain spokeswoman confirmed Palin's appearance this morning. No word on what's planned for her, what sketch she'll b appearing in -- or if Tina Fey, who's been spoofing Palin continuously since the show returned this fall, will be involved.

Fey's impressions of Palin certainly have not meant to assist the Alaska governor's image. Fey told TV Guide this week: "If she wins. I'm done. I can't do that for four years. And by 'I'm done,' I mean I'm leaving earth."

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We have both of the SNL live videos at

She was great in the opening. Not exactly what to think of the Weekend Update skit.

OK...I haven't watched SNL in a really long time, but I watched tonight because Sarah Palin was on...I can tell you this...the only thing worth watching was the first part with Sarah Palin...after that...IT WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME...,complete garbage - you call that humor what a JOKE

How sad that SNL is actually giving this idiot airtime.

I tell you people in this country have lost it. Gov. Palin has an 80% approval rating. I have not been able to find a State Gov. with such success. I am 46 years old this month, when i Went to school out teachers told us that anyone could grow up to be President. I can think of anyone better then Senator McCain I would want to do an internship under to be President. I voted in the primary for Obama. I doubt I will now. I am from Chicago born and raised. People in other parts of this country have no idea what is in store for them if Obama wins. Jimmy Carter's approval rating will jump there the sky when Obama is done. Does anyone pay attention to what he and his people say? Rev. Wright? Jesse Jackson the other day about Israel? America needs to wake up quickly

"Sarah Palin is the best thing that ever happened for Tina Fey and all Fey does is whine and complain about her."

What? Yeah all Tina Fey had was a writing gig on a national comedy show, a major movie and her own TV series. Thank God Palin came along and saved her from obscurity.

Sarah Palin is not very smart. She's like the little kid in school , who no matter how much you laughed at her, she continued to try to fit in, and be apart of the popular kids. She has no brain, period the end.

Let the big dummy play herself, that will be very hilarious !

I really hope you're kidding. Otherwise, you deserve to be shot to outer space to live with your brethren.

Did the McCain/Palin camp blame FEy and SNL for ruining Palin's reputation? Now they want to appear on the show?

Sarah Palin is a joke. I am on Feys side here. But Obama is going to win so we won't have to worry about this backwoods hillbilly in office, as our vice president.

Please Tina Fey, just leave! And don't forget to take you buddies with you: Alec Baldwin, Rosie, Madonna, and every other fool who has made a ton of money off of the free enterprise system and complain about it. Oh, don't forget Whoopi, Joy, and Sherri. Earth will be a nice place again without these fools around.

omg! that's gonna be histerical! :) looking forward to see the show.

Does anyone really believe that Tina Fey would honor her promise of at least leaving the U.S.A., if McCain/Palin win? She does not have to leave the earth just America. I doubt it though. She will renege on her promise just like Alec Baldwin did. Tina Fey like so many of her SNL brethren has no honor or integrity or appreciation. Sarah Palin is the best thing that ever happened for Tina Fey and all Fey does is whine and complain about her. I was hoping that Sarah Palin would have surprised Fey on SNL and ask her if there was anything more she could do to help advance her career? Sadly, that will not happen. Darn it!

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