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Obama on 'SNL' spoofs: Fey is OK, but my guy needs work

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Fred Armisen (left) plays the real Barack Obama on "Saturday Night Live." (AP file)

Sarah Palin may love Tina Fey's impersonation of her, but Barack Obama thinks his representation on "Saturday Night Live" is taxing.

"I've gotta say, compared to Tina Fey and what she's been doing with Gov. Sarah Palin, my imitator isn't doing as great a job," he told a Washington, D.C., TV station during an interview.

Cast member Fred Armisen has been playing Obama on the sketch comedy show.

"I do know my ears have been getting bigger and bigger each episode," Obama says. "I'm sure they'll get me right over time."

Update: And here's some new scoop -- Maya Rudolph may return to "SNL" this weekend to play Michelle Obama!

Meanwhile, here's video from last night's final primetime version of "SNL" (here's text, too), which opened with Will Ferrell as George W. Bush (which he'll be doing on Broadway come January) and -- sigh -- Miss Fey yet again as Mrs. Palin. (Anyone else think this dead horse has been beaten enough?)

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This show is awesome. Great show, Will and Tina!!! I almost cried I laughed so hard. Down with Bush!!!!!!!

This is comedy folks, stop taking peoples opinions so seriously. I am a Republican and will vote that way. You have the right to vote your way. That is why we have elections. The best won't win because they are not running, they are too smart for that. Chill out and enjoy life.

I can't believe there are still people out there who would defend Sarah Palin! These are the kind of people who would vote for ANYBODY as long as he/she "said" they were Republican. It's all about your team winning. The only people left in the Republican party are those who believe in allowing the super-rich to keep getting breaks and Christian extremists. Which one are you? How do they get millions of votes? Oh well, at least she'll have more time to shoot wolves with a high-powered rifle from the safety of a circling helicopter. Really?!

Will you people stop commenting with your name as Obama and Mccain. We all know their too busy.

Thank you SNL for making sure you focus on the other ticket... I would really be taking it on the chin if you and other mainstream media outlets actually focused on me more than taking 5 minutes to say... "WOW! You are so awwwwwesome!"

Luckily, you guys have not done anything with Ayers, Reverend Wright, Father Flager, Karl Marx, Tony Resco, Biden, Pelosi, Reid or Frank... That could harm our campaign by displaying a shred of truth on the end of America as we know it.

See, Sarah Palin doesn't need to be defended. She can spell Obama - just look below.

I am definitely not tired of watching Tina Fey on SNL. I've never loved SNL more! Hope they never get rid of it!!!

The Obama impression IS weak. Armisen's Obama comes across as a doofus, which makes no sense given how clearly bright Obama really is. Unfortunately the McCain impression isn't much better.

But Fey (and Ferrell) are great! And the writing is genius. This last skit was the funniest yet, so beat that horse, baby... beat that horse!

That was funny

Palin-haters can kiss my "Obama".

The only people who don't think the Palin skits are funny are in the RNC. "Thank god there are only two more Saturday nights before the election. This stuff is killing us..."

"They actually do a pretty good job. I suck too."

no way ... snl has never been funnier with such great material...keep it coming...go find your own horse to beat


Obama's imitator sucks. There are some many other people out there that could at least look more like him, and probably do a better job, though it would be hard for anyone to top Fey's impression of Palin.

Obama's impression is spot on, and no we are not tired of it, so keep beating that horse.

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