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Obama dances on 'Ellen'

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They really will do anything to get elected.

At the end of a long campaign day Tuesday in Miami, Democrat Barack Obama had one more stop: ''The Ellen DeGeneres Show.''

DeGeneres got right down to business.

''Let's talk about dancing,'' she said. ''Your wife, Michelle, was on the show and she was talking some smack about your moves.''

DeGeneres played music and gave Obama 20 seconds to prove his spouse wrong. He complied, albeit in a decidedly awkward set of circumstances -- standing alone on a patch of concrete and looking into cameras that were to beam him into the studio, as supporters and reporters watched. Watch the clip here.

He gamely grooved a little, though mostly with his arms, before calling off the operation with a smile.

''Michelle may be a better dancer, but I am convinced I am a better dancer than John McCain,'' Obama said of his Republican rival.

During the brief appearance, Obama revealed the Halloween costumes his two daughters have planned. Ten-year-old Malia will be a fairy and 7-year-old Sasha has chosen to go trick-or-treating as a ''corpse bride,'' he said.

Obama also offered to help DeGeneres with her campaign to lure George Clooney onto her show, agreeing it would be one of the new president's most important priorities. If elected, he said he would appoint Clooney ''ambassador to the Ellen show.''

''We would have you and him sit down without preconditions and solve any differences that you may have,'' Obama said. ''Just don't talk about my dancing anymore.''

The interview is scheduled to air Wednesday.


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I love this guy. He so human, and you can feel the connection he makes when he speaks to folks. Obama has been saying all the right things that concern me, such as, Health Care, Climate Change, the useless war in Iraq, and companies leaving to cheaper labor markets. I have young children, and I can not stand by, and watch their future in our country be left in ruins.

This type of break gets us all laughing in a world that the average foreigner does not have a cleu to how things are done in the U.S.A. And the world is watching to what level each party will go to to cling on to power.

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