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Updated: Palin scheduled for 'SNL' 10/25?

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Well, despite all the rumors and expectations -- no Sarah Palin on last night's prime time special for "Saturday Night Live." But the New York Post reports Palin has been booked on the regular "SNL" for Oct. 25.

Obama has booked a half hour of primetime to address the nation on Oct. 29, the anniversary of Black Tuesday. Palin apparently will try to yuk it up before that with the "SNL" gang.

The NYPost report says the booking is "confirmed. Done deal. Sketches are being sketched as we speak," and that a rehearsal is "penciled in" for Oct. 24. But spokesfolks at NBC insist they cannot confirm Palin's appearance, and the show simply "has an open invitation to all the candidates to appear."

The first rumors, reported a few days ago by Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker, had Palin coming on to spoof Tina Fey, who's revived "SNL's" ratings by spoofing Palin. Now Palin's apparently just going to just be herself. Which, as we've seen, can be pretty darn funny, you betcha.

Still, last night was somehow refreshing to experience and enjoy a half hour of topical comedy without all the Palin-centric parody.

Watch the show here, and keep an eye out in the beginning for Bill Murray's cameo -- asking a question seemingly most important to Chicagoans right now ...

What does all this actually mean to the election? Anything at all? Apparently, Fey's spoofs of the VP candidate have had the same effect as a typical attack ad on undecided voters.

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not a sense of humor, but a sense of ignornace and stupidity

Bang Bang Boomerang:

'Who is Sarah Palin?' A mal functioning power abusing governor, not to return in office.
'Who does Sarah Palin think she is?' A driven by blind ambition ex-governor; guilty of power abuse charges.
What to do next? Like Reagan sidekickhero/criminal Oliver North: $ 100.000's lecturing on patriottism, pork barrels, bridges to nowhere, rapekits costs for victims, counseling on teenage daughter pregnancies, preaching in witchdoctor's church on: He Who is Without Sin.......(to save Obama $ 3.3. m in tv costs).
No need for her to appear on SNL. What she is and is doing herself and to herself is sufficient enough. I watched 'Friday Night Live".

I have been a fan of SNL for thirty years.

I will NEVER watch the show again if they put Palin on.

This goes against everything the show was founded upon.

Sock it to me.

Sure would be nice if the Fairness Doctrine was brought back, you know?
I mean, I understand that in order for the GOP to conduct its generation long attack on working Americans and looting of the Treasury it was essential that no one but rabid ideologues be given access to the airwaves, but I've about had it with Hannity's hatred and obtuseness and O'Reilly's blatant racism and dishonesty.

When exactly do we get our country back from these Stepford Republicans throughout the country?

Barack Obama will give tax breaks to people who make less then 250,000 dollars per year. Obama will get our country out of this mess in Iraq. McCain and Palin have NO plan for the economy and NO plan to end the war in Iraq. McCain and Palin are no different then Bush and Cheney. A Republican is a Republican. I don't trust McCain and Palin.


SNL - you should not give this vicious woman any free time on the airwaves ... please play this one smart - she'll probably whip up a white power ralley in the studio.

I think it is absolutely great. It just goes to show what a great
sense of humor Sarah Palin has. Good for her. God knows we need that more than ever now in these times.

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