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Ne-Yo on 'Tyra': Code Blue! Here comes R. Kelly!

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R&B superstar Ne-Yo is a guest on Tyra Banks' chat show this Wednesday, and he discusses "the truth behind why he sued R. Kelly including spilling a few secrets about R. Kelly's eccentric backstage behavior."

Some sneak peeks ...

Ne-Yo on the music industry:

"It's kinda sad the way the music industry is now. Back in the day it was about your talent. It was about your accomplishments. Nowadays it's about what celebrity you're dating or what drug you're doing or how many times you get arrested in a year ... that's what a lot of the press is making people pay attention to ... Take me, for example, I'm on my third album, I won a Grammy with my second album. I'm not trying to pat myself on the back but these are a lot of really big accomplishments but you've never seen me on the cover of Vibe magazine, People magazine, Rolling Stone ... I've heard that when somebody say's 'Ne-Yo is a great singer, Ne-Yo is a great songwriter. There's nothing else to say about him' .... I'm like why is that not enough?"

His thoughts on why R. Kelly kicked him off his tour:

"This is my personal opinion - I feel the reason he kicked me off the tour is maybe he was thinking I was stealing a little bit of his shine. Which I was not trying to do. My intent was not to outshine nobody. It was nothing like that... I actually tried to go to him and thank him for letting me get on the tour and his security people shoo'd me off like I was an annoying fan..."

Later in that same discussion, this exchange:

Ne-Yo: "You heard about the 'Code Blue' thing?"
Tyra: "What's 'Code Blue'?"
Ne-Yo: "OK 'Code Blue' is if R. Kelly is moving through the hallway ... if you're in the hallway when R. Kelly is moving through the hallway, you have to get out of the hallway. Get into the closest room to you and stay in that room until R. Kelly gets all the way down the hall."

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hey Ne-Yo is my favortite singer and so is R. Kelly but that was really wrong for what he did no body has a right to do that to no one i don't care how much fame they have or how big they think that is, i just hope that when u get bigger than u are u just don't leave your fans behind, that is what some famous people forget is that we made them if it wasn't for us they wouldn't be where they were at if we didn't buy their ablums they wou;dn't have no money at all so please don't forget about the fans. i love you so much and u are my favorite im your num.1 fan

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